Speaking at GDC today, Rainbow Six Siege game director Leroy Athanassof addressed one of the game’s least picked operators, Tachanka, and the possibility of a rework. Athanassof said Ubisoft knows he’s in a bad place strength-wise, but that his cult meme status within the community has stopped them from reworking him yet.

Tachanka, or Lord Tachanka as much of the community refers to him, has become one of Siege’s most prominent memes. He’s also potentially the worst operator in the roster, sporting both microscopic pick and win rates in the last competitive season.

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Athanassof made it seem like a rework wasn’t out of the question, and that they likely would have done so already if he weren’t “Lord Tachanka”, but said he would basically become a completely new operator. Even with the abysmal performance, Ubisoft is concerned about doing that to an operator with such a well-loved (if notorious) reputation. It’s an interesting dilemma, and one Ubisoft is taking more seriously than you might expect.

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