Go beyond iTunes to manage your iOS data

Using iTunes to manage iOS devices can be a real headache. Broad categories for syncing make it tough to track down individual tunes, videos, and other files. So it’s nice to know you can manage the data on your iPhone doesn’t need to mean dealing with iTunes.

iMazing bills itself as the Swiss Army Knife of iOS management. That’s because it’s packed with tools for browsing and moving files among devices, creating backups, extracting text messages, voicemails, you name it, all without jailbreaking or any other shady tricks. So you can easily do something like updatie a new iPhone with old data, with the option to copy everything or select the exact content to transfer. This is a great app for managing backups without all the iTunes hassle. And it works between Mac, PC, iCloud and any iOS device, wirelessly or via USB.

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